Battery000: Battery is sufficiently charged!

…my phone told me this morning. It could not have been more true and a better timing…
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This morning my iPhone showed me a message that I have not seen before. 

“Battery is sufficiently charged”

It could not have been more true and better timing.

Today we are going live with Dinahmoe Battery, If you want to be boring you could say it is a blog, but who wants to be that guy? 

So it is more of a “magazine” with “issues” containing “articles” sharing the same “theme”. It will be in sync with Dinahmoe’s Newsletter, which always have had a theme of sorts.

I feel super excited about this format! This way I can explore topics more in depth while giving you the reader the option to pick and choose what interests you the most. The articles on Medium has felt like islands in an ocean (lot only my stuff). It will also force me to complete some series of articles that is hanging, e.g. How to write bug free code, Design Doing, Value Marketing and more.

But it is not only where I am going, it is also what I leave behind, Medium is on the wrong path, at least for me. 
Here is a selection:

  • since I want to reach as many as possible I want my articles to be free, but they no longer curate non premium articles. There is no way to reach a wider audience than I already have. The main reason of being on a platform is gone.
  • the only way to get readers to my articles is to promote them myself, which essentially means that I am marketing Medium, while Medium is not marketing me.
  • since only premium articles are curated, that means that close to all articles presented on are premium. If you visit the site as a non member, there is nothing to read which means there is no reason to visit the site at all. How are they planning to grow the audience?
  • if a user clicks on a Medium link to a premium article they lose one of three free reads without any warning. This is the case for links both on and links anywhere else. Clicking a medium link is a mistake that users only do once, after that they will never click on a medium link unless they are already members. How are they planning to grow?
  • There is a way for the author to share free links to premium articles, and apparently links shared on Twitter is not affecting the free reads, but have you unintentionally lost a free read once then you will be reluctant to click any Medium link. 

There are so much more, but I think the above is more than enough. 

I will not stop publishing on Medium, but will be less consistent. Well, consistency, writing is just for fun and heavily affected by other projects, so as consistent as it can be.

So please come join us here at! New content will be added every sometimes, the newsletter will keep you up to date. You can find all published issues so far here.

Want to charge your batteries?


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